Amanda Knox Begins Appeal For Meredith Kercher Murder Conviction

Published: 24th November 2010
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Today, Amanda Knox began her appeal against her conviction for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

The incident happened back in 2007 in the Italian city of Perugia where Meredith’s body was found.

Knox, a 23-year-old American student from Seattle who was jailed for 26 years for the murder, appeared briefly in court today, before the judge scheduled the next hearing for December 11.

Knox has the full support of her family in her appeal, her stepfather, Chris Mellas, who has been living in Perugia since September to help her prepare for the appeal, said before the hearing that he was confident that they have a "very good case."

The result of the trial is expected some time next year.

Amanda Knox was sentenced last year for killing Meredith Kercher in the cottage they shared in Perugia. Prosecutors have described the incident as a gruesome, drug-fuelled sexual assault which resulted in the murder of Miss. Kercher.

Italian prosecutors have said they will seek a longer sentence for Knox if the conviction is upheld by the court.

Knox’s then boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was also involved and was sentenced to 25 years for the 2007 murder. Sollecito is also putting in an appeal.

A third party has also been jailed for the murder. An Ivorian man named Rudy Guede fled Perugia soon after the murder but was tracked down and arrested in Germany.

The body of Meredith Kercher was discovered on November 2, 2007. She was half-naked in a pool of blood with stab wounds to the neck in her room in the cottage she shared with Knox.

Throughout the trial, Knox repeatedly protested her innocence. The case has generated huge media attention, especially in the United States where many people believe her innocence.

Knox also faces charges of slander for claiming that police beat her during questioning soon after the murder. She said then that she had been in the house at the time of the killing.

The separate slander trial will take place on May 17 next year.

Knox has spoken in detail of her imprisonment in a book of interviews by Italian lawmaker Rocco Girlanda, president of the Italy-USA Foundation, who has taken a personal interest in the case and has visited Knox in prison.

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