Most Powerful Earthquake In Country’s History Devastates Japan

Published: 11th March 2011
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Japan was left devastated this morning following the most powerful earthquake to hit the country since records began, triggering a tsunami that has left Tokyo a wreckage and those across the globe in total disbelief.

Recent TV highlights have shown cars, ships and even buildings being swept away in an instant by a mass of water following the 8.9 quake which instantly killed an estimated 60 people. Over the past few hours, another 300 people have been reported as dead with this number expected to increase. Many residents have become buried within the landslide with no indication as yet to whether they will survive this catastrophic event.

The 8.9 magnitude earthquake, the 6th largest to be recorded in the world, signaled the start of the destruction as a 33 foot tsunami soon hurtled across the Pacific Ocean. Sweeping everything within its path, it is believed that a ship carrying 100 people on the ocean was also swept away by the tsunami but as yet, it is not known what their fate may be.

The quake is reported to have struck just less than 400 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, followed by at least 19 aftershocks, one recorded as high as 7.1. However, this is not the end of Mother Nature’s destruction. Further tsunami warnings have been reported across the entire Pacific, including South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire US West Coast. It is believed Hawaii will be the next area to be affected. The Red Cross has reportedly warned that this tsunami is higher than many of the islands themselves, causing many to plan ahead of the potential threat, stocking up and food and petrol as they attempt to flee the area.

Several earthquakes had hit the same region in Japan over the past few days prior to the devastating quake that led to the tsunami, including one on Wednesday which although reached 7.3-magnitude, caused no damage to the area. However, nothing could prepare the nation for the devastation that was about to arrive and at present, it is known what the extent of damage is across Tokyo.

Previously, Japan’s worst reported earthquake was in 1923 in Kanto, where a 8.3-magnitude quake killed an estimated 143,000 people.


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