Passengers Stage Sit-In After Being Told ‘Direct’ Flight To Morocco Will Make Unscheduled Stops.

Published: 06th December 2010
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More than 100 plane passengers were so outraged when the captain announced two unscheduled stops that would add hours on to their journey, that they decided to stage a mutiny.

The aircraft that was operated by Moroccan budget airline Jet4You had been scheduled to make a 90-minute journey from Toulouse, France, to the Moroccan city of Casablanca.

However, once on board the captain quickly informed the 137 passengers that the plane would also be stopping at Bordeaux and Lyon en route, a change to the schedule that would add four hours to the journey in total.

Outraged at the news, the passengers decided to stage a sit-in and refused to sit and buckle their seatbelts, leaving the plane stuck on the runway all night.

The captain did not attempt to reason with the paying customers, and instead simply turned off the lights and heating in the jet and left the passengers inside.

Mother of two Majette Ouri, aboard the plane, said: 'It was a total disgrace. We bought tickets for a direct flight taking less than two hours.

'But once they had us on board, they said we'd be making two unscheduled stops and taking six hours to get to Casablanca.'

'Everyone decided they could not let this happen and refused to allow the plane to take off.

'Then at that point they simply turned of the lights and heating and left us there.

'Passengers, with a lot of children and old people amongst us, were cold and hungry.

'It is frankly an appalling way to treat paying customers.'

However, not all the passengers followed the plan through, according to Toulouse airport officials, 52 of the 137 passengers asked to get off the plane during the night. The other 85 passengers did, however stick it out and were still on the aircraft on Sunday morning.

As a way of easing the tension, Jet4You said it would transport the passengers to Casablanca on a direct flight at 6pm on Sunday. They also added that they had found alternative means of collecting people stranded elsewhere in France.

This is not the first time that outraged passengers have taken over however. The mutiny comes a month after more than 100 furious passengers refused to leave a Ryanair flight that was re-routed to Belgium.

The jet carrying mainly French travellers from Fez in Morocco was supposed to have landed at Beauvais airport near Paris but was delayed by bad weather.

But because it took off three hours late, by the time it reached Beauvais, the airport had unfortunately closed.

When it landed at the southern Belgian city of Liege, the militant travellers staged a four-hour sit-in, demanding to be taken back to France.

Passengers claimed on that occasion, Ryanair cabin crew locked the toilets, turned off the lights and left them on the tarmac for four hours.

The passengers finally agreed to board coaches for the three-hour drive back to Beauvais.

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